Styles & Colors

Our Classic Styles

Nates Signature Designs

Since 1994, Nate Funmaker has been building custom hats the old-fashioned way. Combining old-world techniques and modern style, Nate creates a hat that not only fits your head but also fits your personality and lifestyle. Made of fine fur felt, a Nathaniel’s Custom Hat is a wearable and functional piece of art.

Looking for something special?

Nate can bring your custom hat design to life. Explore our Colors & Materials, or come into the shop for a custom hat fitting.

The 512 cattleman is an Austin take on an old favorite!

Whether you’re hiking the mountain trails or city sidewalks, the Explorer is the perfect hat.

Styled after a river gambler hat, the Rio Grande has a ribbon-bound edge, pencil curl, and sash.

Most recognized as the “Cowboy” hat, our Rodeo style is typically trimmed with a simple ribbon or a felt band with a silver buckle set.


The “Bowler” was once the most popular hat in the American West worn by both outlaws and lawmen.

The “Peaks” is on of our crossover styles that can be worn with cowboy boots or hiking boots.

This Basque inspired hat is also referred to as the “Great Basin”.

This high country style, is versatile enough to wear in the city or in the mountains.

The Fedora is a great city hat with a ribbon-bound edge, sash, and pencil curl along the back.

Known by many names, our “Classic Gus”  has a ribbon bound edge, pencil curl and sash.

A crossover-style hat named for Lizardhead Pass near Telluride, Colorado.

Named for Hesperus Mountain in Southwest Colorado, this style is complimentary to both men and women.

Durable Quality

Colors & Materials

One of the decisions when designing your custom hat is the color. The colors below are the best we can show you in digital format. Please contact Nate for an actual swatch of your selected material.

We use only the highest quality fur felt made from 100% Beaver, or a 50/50 Rabbit/Beaver Blend. The fur felt type you choose will determine your colors available from the list below. You can also customize any hat with upgrades or add-ons such as bound edge, pencil curl, custom braids, sash, etc.