Texas Monthly

When Nate Funmaker first saw the former livery stable that sits just off Georgetown’s historic downtown square, he knew he’d found the perfect place for his next workshop. For 22 years Funmaker had been running his hat-making business, Nathaniel’s Custom Hats, in Mancos, Colorado, a one-stoplight town that’s home to more cattle than people. But […]

5280 The Denver Magazine

The Hatmaker of Mancos vidoe feature. They say about 1,300 people live in Mancos, but that seems unbelievably generous driving down the quaint ranching town’s Grand Avenue. It’s even more difficult to believe that enough bespoke boots walk into Nathaniel’s of Colorado for the celebrated hat shop to stay in business. 

Nate featured in Canku Ota (Many Paths)

An online newsletter celebrating Native America MANCOS, Colo. – Nate Funmaker is a master hatter noted for his high – quality hats, each handmade, designed and constructed with a particular buyer in mind. His business is Nathaniel’s Hat Shop. It’s a passion with him, something he’s devoted the past 16 years doing. He loves making […]

True West Magazine

When people come into my store, many are surprised to meet me. One customer said to me, “I’m thinkin I’m going to see a 60-year-old Jewish guy making hats, and instead I find a younger guy, and on top of that, Native American.” I got in the hatmaking business through a friend who made hats and offered […]

Telluride Style Magazine, Winter/Spring 2007-2008

The history of the Western hat is not that old. Before the introduction of the Stetson hat in the mid-1800s, cowpunchers pretty much covered their heads with whatever they could easily acquire, which, more often than not, was a cast-off from a previous life as a sailor, a miner or a soldier.